Joint Treatment for Building & Civil Engineering

:: Building Sealants :: High Perfomance Joint System

Specialise in jointing solutions which focus around jointing, connecting and sealing of joints in concrete for all construction industry. Services range covers expansion joint filler board’s water stop systems, Joint sealants and jointing systems

Water Proofing & Protection Products

:: Pre-formed sheet membrane :: Liquid Applied Membrane :: Cementitious Based

We are specialist for waterproofing systems, we offer the most extensive and efficient waterproofing system installation and repairs for the protection of buildings from water. We have an experience team to install waterproofing,

Industrial & Commercial Flooring

:: Polyurethane Flooring System :: Moisture Control Barrier System :: Epoxy Flooring System :: Cementitious Self leveling System

We know how annoying it can be when services take longer than they’re supposed to, aren’t convenient for your schedule and aren’t done right the first time. Unicrest offers friendly, trustworthy and experienced installers, and we
work with your schedule to get the job done in a timely manner. We have the unique ability to design and fabricate onsite custom rugs to fit any needs.

Precision Grouting

:: Cementitious & Polymer resin type

Leveraging on our expertise and modern facilities, we are capable of offering a vast range of Non Shrink Precision Grouts. The offered product is acknowledged for its non shrink and increased strength attributes, these are made
 by making use of top quality raw material.

Cures & Surface Treatment

:: Solvent-based /Water Based Acrylic curing & Sealing Compund :: Silicates Hadeners

Concrete is designed to meet specified strength requirements. It will achieve and retain these strengths only if it is cured, treated, or maintained properly. Using the correct curing or sealing compound, silicate hardener, or surface
 treatment for the appropriate application leads to a longer service life, an extended aesthetic life of decorative surfaces, and provides a better return on investment.